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FAT is not limited in file size because of anything to do with it being block-based: the limiting factors are the size of the field in directory entries for expressing file sizes, and the size of the FAT it self, as blocks are stored in a indirection table (which can be thought of as a linked list.)

Following on to that, it's not just because NTFS supports extents that it supports files larger than 4GB.

NTFS has case-sensitivity, for POSIX compliance. The Windows API hides this.

Comment by Rob Kendrick Wed Feb 5 12:32:29 2014
Folks, I have been reading yakking for 3? 4? years now and your articles have been a very valuable source to refer to co-workers and friend when they were asking about some topics. And even for relearning about some topics myself. Thank you!
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Awwk, thank you ana. You're very kind.
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Nice collection of articles! Might be helpful to have a "start here" page for people new to the site - also grouping things by technical level. For example the introduction to... series could be tagged somehow so people can just start off with the basics.
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There's a lot of guides out there on how to correctly handle a signal, seems like the kind of topic this blog would cover nicely, maybe include the following point? which seems to be missed in examples I've seen.

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Sure thing. I'll add it to my "To write" queue after I'm finished with time.
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