Richard Maw

Hello, I'm Richard Maw, and right now I'm 23.

I heard about this Linux thing from spending too much of my youth on the internet.

I had attempted to use Linux a few times before it stuck, which was when Ubuntu became popular and I got a laptop of my own.

Since then I've used it constantly, and of late I haven't even needed to use Windows to play games.

My studies at university left me with an unhealthy obsession with shell scripting, to the point where I could understand the generated ./configure scripts used for building software, and being able to provide suggestions to the more experienced developers at work.

Since starting to work at Codethink, my unix beard went through a period of accelerated growth, to the point where I feel the need to share this knowledge, so when Lars and Daniel asked if I'd like to write some blog posts, I enthusiastically agreed.

Daniel Silverstone

Daniel Silverstone is a Solution Architect at Codethink (whatever that means) and was fundamental to the original concept of Baserock. Daniel studied computer science with cognitive sciences at University College London for a year before giving up and going into games development.

Through the years Daniel has been involved in the Debian project as well as writing the early incarnation of the GNU Common C++ libraries. Daniel hosts the website, wiki and mailing list for the Lua community and has been involved in developing several large projects in Lua.

Currently Daniel's free software development focus is Gitano, a Git service.

Lars Wirzenius

Lars Wirzenius is CTO at QvarnLabs Ab, a company developing Qvarn, software for storing structured data and providing secure, controlled access to it.

Lars studied Computer Science at Helsinki University with Linus Torvalds, made the first patch to the Linux kernel, co-founded the Linux Documentation Project, wrote the Linux System Administrator's Guide and is an important contributor to Debian. Lars has spoken at many events including a FOSDEM keynote in 2012.

Lars hacks free software in his free time.