There has been a growing trend among bloggers, particularly among those aggregated on Planet Debian, in which the blogger writes regularly (usually monthly) about their activity in the Free Software communities since their last report.

This can be used as a way to "keep yourself honest" in the sense that if you're committed to reporting your activity on a month by month basis, you kinda need some activity to report. It can be used as a way to keep your colleagues and co-conspiritors in F/LOSS informed about what you're working on, and cool things you've done which they might be interested in. It might be a useful way to motivate yourself when each period of time you get to write a nice blog posting all about the wonderful things you've achieved and the projects you've improved along the way.

Recently I've been persuaded to join the trend and I'm looking forward to experiencing the effects I've mentioned above. I'd like to suggest that all of you go out and write yourself a blog post all about the wonderful things you've done and then commit yourself to doing so again in X amount of time in the future.