I've wanted to share a random selection of my browser history with you, the readers of Yakking, for quite some time now. I have been sat at my computer for nearly an hour without coming up with something technical to write, so I shall do just that. Remember people, sometimes you don't need to do something technical to become a better hacker.

I've recently been spending a lot of time reading about actigraphy because I've been working on getting my new Pebble smartwatch to have the software needed to replace my Jawbone Up. This has left me reading a number of papers such as Ryan Libby's paper A simple method for reliable footstep detection on embedded sensor platforms and also articles about sleep (particularly non-rem sleep) and how other methods such as measuring respiratory effort can help characterise sleep.

It seems that before then I spent a lot of time reading things about Snowden and the secret trials in the UK; mixed in with spending a while on Charles Stross' wonderful website (particularly his article about software to detect sarcasm in tweets). I was also spending time reading about UX design such as onboarding teardowns and how sometimes when programmers want to use a new tool because they encountered a problem, the problem is not the tool itself. Finally in that bunch I had a jolly good boggle at how someone copyrighted pi proving that idiocy exists everywhere there's an opportunity to make money.

Other than that, my time working on things with the NetSurf Browser Project left me reading about CSS cascade rules (again), Internationalised Domain Names (including the spec) and also hitting the (English) Wikipedia Random Page link a good few times :-)

I think I'll leave this here and hope that I've not scared you all away. I hope to see you soon on Yakking and would encourage you to share a few interesting links from your recent browser history below in the comments for others to marvel over.

(P.S. some scary people such as Tony Finch have linklogs which are worth a flick through. I'd love to know if you all would like us to start a Yakking linklog)