Richard Maw

Hello, I'm Richard Maw, and right now I'm 23.

I heard about this Linux thing from spending too much of my youth on the internet.

I had attempted to use Linux a few times before it stuck, which was when Ubuntu became popular and I got a laptop of my own.

Since then I've used it constantly, and of late I haven't even needed to use Windows to play games.

My studies at university left me with an unhealthy obsession with shell scripting, to the point where I could understand the generated ./configure scripts used for building software, and being able to provide suggestions to the more experienced developers at work.

Since starting to work at Codethink, my unix beard went through a period of accelerated growth, to the point where I feel the need to share this knowledge, so when Lars and Daniel asked if I'd like to write some blog posts, I enthusiastically agreed.